What to Pack when Going on Engineer’s Hike

Engineers 2014 hike

Engineers 2014 hike

Packing for the annual engineer’s  hike is generally weather dependent, but here are some basics. But first, you’ll need one good backpack. Choose one from Rangermade’s best day backpack for hiking page. Then you’ll need these:

  •     Hiking Boots – nothing fancy, but something with some ankle support and treated for water repellency.
  •     Rain Gear – Think you don’t need it? Remember, this is New England.
  •     Fleece/Wool Sweater.
  •     Wool/Capilene/Coolmax Socks – no cotton.
  •     Nylon Pants/Shorts.
  •     Coolmax/Capilene/Polypro Shirt/Underwear.
  •     Hat, Gloves – for cold weather.
  •     Sunglasses.
  •     Hat for sun protection.
  •     Sunscreeen.
  •     Bug Spray.
  •     Lunch – nothing perishable, and no glass bottles.
  •     Snacks – granola bars, chocolate, oranges/apples, etc.
  •     Small Flashlight.
  •     Small First Aide Kit.
  •     WATER – at least 2 quarts, probably more depending on the hike.

Cotton Clothing? Why not?

Here’s the deal on cotton clothing.  While it does breathe very well, once it gets wet, it stays wet.  This isn’t really a big deal when you are hiking on a hot day.  But if the weather gets chilly (like when you hike to the top of a mountain) and you are wet, you will get cold very fast – much faster than if you were wearing clothing that pulls moisture away from your body. When you are wearing cotton, and get wet, due to sweat or precipitation, the wet cotton sucks heat from your body. When this happens, your body works overtime to keep warm.  When this happens, there is less energy available for basic functions such as walking.  When this happens, you run a vastly increased risk of getting injured.  That’s a bad time.  So, do everyone a favor – try to avoid cotton clothing on even mildly cool days.