Engineering a boot sole for a specific purpose

1. Here’s the problem: how do you engineer a boot sole that does the following:

allows for short or long hikes, hiking, 3 seasons

outdoor sports
sustain moderate backpack weights
2. techniques for building performance:

Nubuck leather

-the outside of the boot, which makes direct contact with outer surfaces and varying air pressure is nubuck, a quality leather treated to repel corrosive agents, for lightness and wear resistance in time

-the nubuck is added a ballistic nylon layer, which is a kind of material used in the manufacture of bulletproof jackets

Gore-Tex Membrane

- the membrane that waterproofs the boot’s leather

-This membrane also has the aim of making the boots breathable, so the skin will retain sweat, because the Gore-Tex membrane evaporates water


Vibram boot sole layers-outsole that makes contact with the ground is exactly what we said earlier, “the insurance policy” on slippery, dangerous  ground.

Compare this to the Vibram variants used in these military winter boots, perhaps the best snow boots available http://www.rangermade.us/best-military-winter-boots/

Orthotic Pro

-cushions for the heel that support the weight of the skeleton and absorb the shock of the movement

-the terrains you walk on can vary, and so do the shocks that the foot bones need to absorb: rock, grass, dirt, these pillows uniform the shock exerted on you by nature

Toron ® Resource

-the weight of the rucksack puts additional pressure on the leg, that’s why this technology has been added to provide extra-toes comfort through soft pillows

-the heel is a key point of pressure, and it has this kind of pillows

Cradle technology

-Revolutionary technology that envelops the ankle to protect it from pressure, bruises and sprains


-insole made from 80% recycled material, most environmentalists among us definitely appreciate this

-It’s a very soft sole, very flexible, for a comfortable walk that does not tire the foot


-manufacturing techniques designed to make the finished product a natural extension of the leg

-for the success of this technology, over 900 men and women participated in a survey where they were measured:
  • the weight pressing on the foot during walking
  • the height of the foot
  • width of the foot